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Microsoft Access 2010
MS-Access 2010 is the powerful database building tool. Learn how to develop a useful sample app for Sales Reporting. The course integrates seamlessly with Access 2007 tutorials.
Applications with Microsoft Access
Learn how to develop powerful business applications the easy way. Design the Access database, create a user interface, produce sophisticated queries for statistical reports and forms. Training resources include many complete samples to study and copy.
Basic Project Management
with Microsoft Project
Training on MS Project software to track project tasks, resources and costs. Learn how to use schedules, resource allocations, Gantt, PERT and CPM charts.
Beginning Visual Basic 6
This is our most popular software tutorial. Even with the advent of the .Net Framework, VB 6.0 is still the easiest, most accessible and most affordable way to learn programming. Training offered with complete projects to download: forms, coding, reports and lots of sample exercices.
Database Design with SQL and MySQL
Learn database modeling and the SQL language to build and maintain relational databases. Provides links to many useful tools including the very popular open source MySQL database server. Contains sample assignments, source code and projects.
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Nos cours et tutoriels en français
pour Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, MySQL et plusieurs autres
sont maintenant disponibles :

Microsoft Project 2016
MS Project is the most popular project management software. We start a new series of tutorials on the applications of Project 2016.
Microsoft Access 2016
MS Access is now mobile. Learn how to develop flexible SQL Web apps so that your powerful business database can now reside in the cloud, accessible anywhere, anytime.
Accounting and Bookkeeping Tutorials
The Bean Counter has "cooked up" some interesting courses! Dozens of resources available.
Learn the always popular Java programming language.
Web Programming 101
Master the design of websites with xHTML, Javascript scripting and the powerful PHP language.
Office Access 2007
Great just got greater! Lots of new templates, crisp new interface!
The Database Project
Work-in-progress tutorial. A complete Sales Reporting System using techniques from Access, MySQL, Visual Basic and PHP.
In-Basket exercise coaching
The interface hasn't changed but the new Microsoft Office Project 2007 has additional features to enhance your productivity. It's worth a look!
     Now includes expanded section on Management Training: the In-Basket exercise preparation for management candidates. This is one of the popular tools used in candidate selection. Section includes great sample exercise to help you master the test.
Visual Basic .NET for Rookies
Work-in-progress tutorial - introduction to the .Net environment with Visual Studio 2008 and use of the Express suite of tools for Visual Basic and SQL Server.
Rebol Programming For The Absolute Beginner
Written by: Nick Antonaccio
Rebol is a powerful, yet simple language to get beginners into programming quickly and efficiently.
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Custom Search
HTML with a touch of XML
Basic HTML language structures. Using Cascading Style Sheets, forms, tables and lists.
UNIX and Telnet
Introduction to the UNIX operating system with simple commands and use of Telnet to communicate with a remote UNIX server.

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